My favorite makeup palette that I own from Sephora. #hellokitty 💕

Growing up, my parents would record us every day to the point where the whole back wall was filled with endless stacks of VCR tapes. I used to be embarrassed by these vids but honestly, these moments are priceless and I’m glad my parents did it.
LOL omg I was still so annoying back then. 😂

verylongdong asked: helloo.

Heyyyyy there!

It’s not really stealing. I paid to eat at the buffet, so I’m gonna put 5 of this in my bag. Damn right I’ma get my money’s worth lmfao

Too hungry and impatient to wait for my ramen to cool.

So I poured my cereal, threw the boxes away, and found out there’s no milk in the fridge. 😔 #thestruggle #itsokerica #lifegoeson

Can you laugh without smiling?

My Nanay.
To filipinos, nanay means mother. But I call my grandma nanay. She isnt a regular grandmother. She is more than that. She raised me and my cousins and lived with me and my sister for quite a while. Today she would have turned 87. I love you nanay and you’re always in my heart. Life is a struggle sometimes but you taught me how to stay positive and to be strong no matter what. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all that you did for us. I think about you every day and try to do my best to make you proud. I miss you so much. There’s so many times where I’m at my weakest and I turn to see your bed next to me and wish you’re there to comfort me but it’s empty. It really sucks that you’re not here physically but I hope you’re up there proud if all of us. Have fun partying in heaven. Happy birthday again, Inay. I love you.